Personalized Nutrition News and Trends Not to Dismiss. Nlumn Nsights 2023 Vol 1. Issue 6.

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With apologies to Clement Clarke Moore and "Twas the Night Before Christmas".

Below are trends and a few companies we are watching this season. 

You should follow them too – we will give the reasons.

AI holds promise to strengthen engagement.

The applications have us agape with amazement. 

AI can help us make choices in just the right moments, 

by capturing intake and calculating food quotients.

It can help change our behavior through precision nudging, 

making choices easier between the decisions we’re judging.

  • Passio provides AI-powered API to drive image recognition for food tracking. 

Phenotype describes our observable traits,

the outcome of how genes and environment relate. 

Our phenotype changes as it tries to maintain homeostasis.

so the best interventions need multiple measures taken on a regular basis.

We’re not surprised to see more continuous measurements and multiplexing,

there’s also more non-invasive tests for consumers who find needles vexing.

Decreasing costs of genotyping has exceeded expectations defined by Moore's law.  

Soon genotypic-based interventions may be accessible to all.

Good news to be sure, but people still need support,

it can be hard sometimes to make sense of reports.

Better integration with healthcare can help with comprehension,

practitioners are trusted and can overcome user apprehension.

  • GenoPalate provides personalized nutrition recommendations through DNA analysis at just under 200 USD.
  • Nutrigenomix partners with healthcare providers and clinics to provide personalized nutrition recommendations based on DNA analysis.

In the long-run, for personalized nutrition to be widely ingrained, 

the benefits must prove to be better than one-size fits all, and, over-time, be maintained. 

Some are skeptics and still question personalization,

“Is there more research to help support validation?” 

When, what to our wondering eyes should appear, 

but a registry with 8 personalized nutrition clinical trials underway this year.

  • Results from a randomized controlled clinical trial evaluating the efficacy of the Zoe personalized nutrition program vs. generalized advice should be published soon.
  • McMaster’s University has a controlled trial underway evaluating the efficacy of a personalized nutrition program on glucose levels in South Asian women at risk for gestational diabetes.

Because the science of precision nutrition and health continues to evolve and grow, 

we'll highlight Nluminating Publications to keep you in the know. 

Keep a watch out for new posts that we have in store, 

they’ll be a regular feature we’ll share in 2024.

Time for a long winter’s nap and some holiday cheer, 

we are grateful for you, have a joyous new year!

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