We have the expertise to execute health and nutrition-based clinicals and identify evidence based messaging opportunities aligned to user needs.

For personalized nutrition to succeed, it’s necessary to show that products deliver consumer-relevant benefits and that the benefits delivered are better than one-size-fits-all approaches. A strong evidence base can be an important way to create a point of difference. We can help you build the evidence base behind you product or service by conducting original research and evaluating existing science to help you better communicate the benefits of your product or service and maximize returns on your business.

Proof of personalized product or program benefits (not just backed by science) are becoming the price for entry into the marketplace. It’s what consumers, investors and the media are looking for to know that you can deliver health and functional benefits that meet your user’s unique needs. Investing in these proof points is an opportunity for your business because it will allow you to create and maintain a point of difference.


Clinical Research

Nlumn can help you with your clinical design and protocol development to evaluate your product and its potential benefits. We have capabilities to conduct virtual proof-of-concept clinical trials, enabling a rapid, cost effective way to evaluate benefits of your product or service  and support early development of intellectual property. For larger studies, we can help you identify the right external partner for your study needs and serve as a trial liaison to provide oversight and ensure that your trial is on the best path to success. Nlumn can also support data analysis, interpretation, communication and publication of your research.

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Scientific Evaluation

Nlumn can take a deep-dive, gather, and assess the scientific evidence to advance your innovation strategy. This includes helping you to evaluate the competitive landscape as well as the technical assessment of potential partners to support product development. For investors or acquisitions, we can collect, analyze, and interpret the scientific information of an organization to inform your due diligence process.

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Select certifications/training

  • Good Clinical Practice

  • Responsible Conduct of Research

  • Human Subjects Research

  • Clinical Nutrition

  • Conflict of Interest

  • Fellowship in Metabolic Dysregulation

  • Fellowship in Clinical Nutrition

"What stood out was their deep expertise in combining scientific rigor with business objectives. They are thoughtful, responsive and always go above and beyond. The studies we ran together consistently came in ahead of time and within budget; the team was on top of everything from start to finish."

Brianna Stubbs, Lead Translational Scientist, Buck Institute

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