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Josh Anthony

After more than 20-years working in the food and nutrition business, I decided to continue my journey as an innovator and entrepreneur by starting a company focused solely on helping organizations make personalized nutrition credible and accessible to help people be healthier.

After a year, I’m proud to say Nlumn is off to a great start!

Frankly, I feel like I’ve been building Nlumn my entire life. As I consider all the complex challenges the world is faced with, I have tried to have a positive impact by bringing together my knowledge of consumers and nutrition science and my passion for healthy living.

Nlumn was created to help shine a light at a time with our collective health is waning. A dictionary definition might read…

Nlumn noun | en-Lü-mən: to share knowledge and inspire individuals to live their best lives through better nutrition.  

Derives from:

  1. N = “nutrition;” also one measure or one person

Combined with:

  1. Enlumine: to enlighten intellectually or spiritually
  2. Lumen: the inside space of the intestine where nutrition is translated into health

Together with a diverse and talented team, Nlumn is helping our clients create and launch new wellness products, hone their development strategy to current consumer trends, and more. I am not only grateful for these opportunities – but inspired about the possibilities ahead.

Personal wellness is evolving dramatically as advancements in nutrition science, technology and artificial intelligence enables faster insights into individual health needs. This is an exciting time to create in this space!

Going forward, we will share our insights and analysis of personal wellness on this blog and on our LinkedIn page to help inspire others.  

I am excited to continue this journey together.

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