Is personalized nutrition prime time for consumers?

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Josh Anthony

Our August newsletter revealed that the answer is a resounding – YES! Consumers are primed and interested. 

So what’s the barrier? Cost and guidance/support are significant gaps that need to be addressed, as shown in our 2023 Nlumn quantitative study.

How can your company meet these challenges and be successful in the personalized nutrition marketplace?

  • Deliver value (not test kits) to consumers to keep your service affordable. Our research shows that 40% of people interested in personalized nutrition use apps regularly to manage or track their health. They collect data on themselves that can be used to tailor programs. Help them make sense of the data they are collecting before selling them additional tests.
  • Solve a consumer problem with your service (and do it REALLY well). Be deliberate about which user problems you solve (and what you don't). You are going on a journey with them and need to clearly communicate results, understand their goals, and provide support throughout the process to drive behavior changes needed so they can accomplish their desired outcomes.
  • Invest in guidance and support. While AI is all the rage, people still want human connection. Make sure there are real and qualified experts behind your recommendations and advice. Create communities for like-minded individuals to learn from and hold each other accountable on their health journeys. These key elements will create an environment where users can achieve their goals and foster greater customer lifetime value for your business.

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