Understanding the Personalized Supplement Consumer


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What's in this report:

This study looks at a sample population of 2529 U.S. consumers interested in personalized supplements from a sample population of 3000 people interested in personalized nutrition. It includes a sample of over 1000 consumers who are currently participating in personalized supplement plans. This report delivers a unique understanding of attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of these consumers. Key insights provide an understanding of how factors like age, income, and gender influence attitudes, behaviors, needs, and product use to help businesses make better choices to support their personalized offerings.


The report will provide in-depth insights by answering questions such as: Who is interested in personalized supplement programs and who is purchasing them? How do personalized supplement consumers feel about their health today and what is most important for them? What benefits are personalized supplement consumers seeking in personalized offerings? What types of supplements are personalized supplement consumers using to achieve desired benefits? What are their experiences with the current plans they are using?