Understanding the Personalized Well-Being Consumer


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What's in this report:

This study looks at a sample population of 2656 U.S. consumers interested in personalized well-being and related practices – such as meditation, yoga, seeking emotional support, and group or social activities – from a population of 3000 interested in personalized nutrition. It includes over 700 consumers who are currently participating in personalized well-being plans. We evaluated attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, and health conditions. Our insights provide an understanding of how factors, like age, income, gender, and behavior such as the use of well-being practices, influence attitudes and product use, to help businesses design effective personalized offerings.


The report will provide in-depth insights by answering questions such as: Who is interested in personalized well-being programs and who is purchasing them? What are personalized well-being consumers' attitudes toward their health and well-being and what matters to them? What benefits are consumers seeking in personalized well-being offerings? How do well-being practices impact consumers' mindset, health, and wellness outcomes? Where did current personalized well-being plan users source their plans and who developed them? What are the elements of personalized well-being plans? How does personalized plan use impact well-being practices and attitudes?